Laurel Creek Track Club is pleased to welcome John Gamble to our coaching staff. John is a former multi events athlete at University of Western Ontario and for Ontario who will be working with our Development Group athletes initially.
John was the Team Newfoundland head coach for the Legion Canadian Youth Nationals in Montreal in 2016 and also a Newfoundland track coach for the 2017 summer games in Winnipeg. In addition he coached at the high school level from 1977-2006 and had many OFSSA competitors and medalists in a variety of sports beyond track and cross country.
Beyond track John was also the southern Ontario head coach and Ontario head coach at nordic ski Nationals in 1997 and 1998. Since 2006 he’s coached Nordic skiing for Alberta and Newfoundland going to Nationals each year and was head coach for the 2015 winter games.
As a coach, John likes to emphasize that training and competing is a long term process and one should look mostly at individual improvement and be in the sport for the love of it. Goal setting and hard work, commitment and dedication are worthy traits that can be transferred to many aspects of life . They are many different pathways to improve and succeed and we must remember we are just coaching young adults who happen to be doing track and field.
Welcome to the LC family John!