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Developmental Group

John Gamble   (


Bruce Glebe (

Sprints coach with LC since 1990
Level One – 1991
Level Two (Sprints/Relays) – 1992
Level Three (Sprints//Relays) – 2005

Currently serving as sprints coach with LC, Club Manager and Coaches’ Liaison to LC Board. Also serves as club liaison for the local road races for which LC volunteers.

Has coached numerous OFSAA, Provincial and National medallists including Anton Atkins, Rhoan Sterling, Nathan Thompson, Ian Forde, Thee Bounkeuth, Katie Weiler, Jordan Miller-Smith, Rachel Lorimer, Chisomo McHaina, Keegan Calder, Tia Semplonius, Jelissa Westney. Bruce also coached three different Junior Women’s 4 x 100 relay teams at the last three National Junior meets: 4th place finish in 2008, a first place finish in 2009 and a first place finish in 2010. The 2009 team of Jelissa Westney, Tia Semplonius, Olivia Charnuski and Chisomo McHaina has the National record for clubs – 47.79. Bruce also coached the 2013 Youth Girls 4 X 100 relay team which won gold at the National Youth Track and Field Championship meet in Langley, B.C. Team members were Annie Gauthier, Katie Sieling, Nicole Smith and Dashel Serieux. Bruce’s pinnacle coaching has been working with two time Paralympian Leah Robinson who competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympic Games.
Bruce also coached a LC midget girls 4 x 400 team that broke a record at the 2007 AO Championship meet in a record-breaking time of 3:58.88. Team members were Alle Butler, Chisomo McHaina, Maddie Charnuski and Jessica Buttinger. The previous record was also set by a LC team, coached by Bruce in 2006, which consisted of Jackie Carr, Sarah Ferguson, Jessica Buttinger and Samantha Stevens.
Bruce coached a LC Midget Girls 4 x 400 team that broke a record at the 2004 AO Indoor Relays Championship Meet. The time was 4:11.07. Teams members were Linsey Austin, Jessica Buttinger, Emma Glofcheski and Maddie Buttinger.


Bill MacGregor     (


Middle Distance

Tom Fitzgerald (

With over 30-years of coaching experience working with mostly high-school aged athletes ‘FITZ’ continues to lead the middle distance group. He has coached 100+ D8 conference championship teams in both cross country and track. He has coached many cwossa and ofsaa individual champions in events ranging from 400m,800m,1500,3000m and high-jump. High-lights include leading a 4-year run as cwossa team champions. Also in that span was an ofsaa girls team title(2004) and a runner-up team(2008). He also has enjoyed ofsaa team championship success with the boys(gold-1986) and girls(gold-2003) as well as teams placing 2nd(SG-2000),3rd(JG-1998,2004). He also help guide the National Junior Men’s cross country gold medal run from 1999-2002 as well as the National Junior Women’s medal teams from 1999-2002. Athletes from the middle distance group continue to succeed in the sport at the university level in both Canada and the US. The excitement and energy in the group currently is generated by the high standards set by the National Champions and National Team Members Jaimie Phelan(1200m,2000m’10), Nicholash Bedi(1200m,2000m ’11), Kailee Sawyer(800m’11), Sandy Freeland(1500m sc 2013), Scott Buttinger(Pan-AmJrs 2013) and Riley Alvarez(world youth 2013). He continues to keep current in his coaching through mentoring from Senior coaches and extensive reading.


Jumps and Multi Events

Chris Timm (

Chris is passionate about seeing athletes develop to their full potential regardless of the starting point. In the past he has coached numerous athletes to medals at OFSAA, provincial and national competitions as well as success at local competition. In addition he had the honor in 2017 and 2018 of being named Jumps Coach for Team Ontario for an interprovincial meet.

Chris has coached for over 20 years in a variety of contexts and positions, who besides his NCCP Athletics coach training, is also a Certified Personal Trainer devoted to lifelong learning and improving as a coach and person. Join the jumps and Multis group and participate in the journey of seeing how far and how high you can go while discovering in the process more about yourself and what you’re capable of.



Coaching Opportunties with Laurel Creek

We’re always looking for coaches who are passionate about developing athletes to the fullest of their potential. If you’d like to join our team in either a full time or part time capacity we’d love to hear from you.  Please contact our Head Coach Bruce Glebe  at 519-893-4361 or for more information or send us a resume of relevant coaching experience.

Current Positions Available:

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