How to Join

How to Join

Laurel Creek Track and Field Club fees depend on the category of membership. We have competitive and training-only options.  Membership fees can be paid in one amount, but an installment payment scheme (for full year memberships) is also available. Our club year runs from October to September. Athletes starting at other points in the year can negotiate a trial period with their coach, after which time the membership fees are payable.

What’s Included…

Entry fees to competitions
Transportation to some meets
Subsidized accommodation to overnight meets
Subsidized airfare to National Championships (for athletes who have met appropriate standards)
Indoor training costs
club tee shirt
Equipment use

Other Benefits…

Access to club equipment & merchandise
Year-round access to facilities
Assistance in securing athletic scholarships
Access to discounted sports gear
Access to support networks including nutrition, sport psychology, massage, etc.
Coaching from NCCP-certified coaches
Access to appropriate competitions
Promotion of a healthy lifestyle
March Break training camp opportunities