Questions to Ask


As there are multiple local clubs, here are some questions you and your parents should ask when determining which club would best suit your needs.

1. How many active coaches do you have? LC – 4 event-specific head coaches and numerous assistant coaches.

2. What is the athlete-coach ratio? LC – 8:1

3. Does the club assist with the total cost of overnight meets such as entry fees, accommodation and transportation? LC covers entry fees and transportation. Accommodation is subsidized by LC at about 33%.

4. Does the club participate in winter training camps? LC participates regularly in March Break camps. In the past we’ve held them in Florida and Alabama and has been doing so for over 20 years.

5. How many meets does the club attend each year? LC attends 6-8 indoor meets and 12-14 outdoor meets. These meets are primarily in Ontario but also include meets in other parts of Canada and the United States as appropriate and as athletes qualify. LC coaches develop a meet schedule each season that addresses all athletic abilities.

6. Does the club offer support to athletes going to National meets or making National teams? LC provides up to $400 for athletes qualifying to National meets through the Kitchener Sports Association. LC will provide financial assistance for those making national teams.

7. Does the club provide financial support for its coaches? LC will cover all costs associated with coaching courses, a per diem meal allowance for meets, mileage to and from workouts, accommodation/flights to meets. LC believes that its coaches should be adequately compensated for all their time they devote to coaching.

8. Does the primary coach focus on one event or a variety of events? LC has designated coaches for specific events. This benefits the athlete at workouts and competitions so that the event-specific coach gives attention to those athletes for the duration of the workout/competition.

9. What does the club offer to the athlete in terms of injury and nutrition support? LC has a massage therapist and a chiropractor who see LC athletes on a regular basis. In addition, both of the therapists have held sessions for LC athletes/parents on a variety of topics.

10. Does the club work co-operatively with other clubs? For many years, LC has worked with Young Athletics and Tri-City Athletics at the local road races. LC also works with St. Thomas Legion Track Club and South Simcoe Dufferin Track Club with the organizing of the training camps to Florida and Alabama. In the past, LC has helped organize meets with Guelph Track Club and Tri-City Athletics.

11. What is the Long Term Athlete Development Model as outlined by Athletics Canada and does the club adhere to those guidelines? The LTAD is a 9 step process that is designed to prepare athletes for optimal training, competition and recovery for each stage of their athletic development. Coaches who follow the LTAD are more likely to have athletes reach their full athletic potential. LC coaches are committed to the LTAD and have supported the program since its inception. Athletes may train too hard and too early in their athletic development, resulting in one-sided preparation, early burn-out and lost potential. LC invites parents and athletes to learn more about the LTAD by visiting