About Us

Laurel Creek began in the late 1970s with a small group of distance runners training out of the Laurel Creek Conservation Are in north Waterloo. Since that time, the club has evolved into not only the largest club in the Waterloo Region but also its only full service club able to offer coaching in all disciplines. We are a multi-faceted club with over 100 athletes and numerous top ten Ontario club rankings. Laurel Creek Track Club consistently places as the highest ranking local club. The high rankings are a testament to our committed athletes and to our event-specific coaches. Over the years LC has seen dozens of athletes make national teams.

The club is organized into five primary-training groups.  Please contact one of the coaches for more information on specific training information.

1. Developmental Group – The “D-Group” is suitable for athletes aged 11 to 13.  Training focuses on speed development and fundamental technique for sprinting, hurdling and field events. This D Group is led by Coach Maryann Pierson.

2. Middle-distance – Suitable for athletes aged 12+ running events 400m,800m,1500m,3000m,5000m as well as steeple-chase and cross-country preparing to compete locally, provincially, nationally as well as inter-nationally. The group is primarily high-school-aged but athletes continue to connect with the group returning from post-secondary programs for the summer. There are also a group of gr 7-8 athletes who have committed to middle-distance training. In the fall, runners focus on the Cross-Country season.  Workouts are on Monday and Wednesdays, 5:30pm to 7:30pm and on Saturday mornings.  Tom Fitzgerald is the primary coach.

3. Sprints – Training focuses on strength and power development for competitive speed and athletic performance in the 100m to 400m events. Bruce Glebe coaches  junior high and high school, aged athletes.  Workouts are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.

4. Hurdles and Multi events – Athletes focus on technique for sprint and long-hurdle events, as well as speed development and competitive performance. In addition, pentathlon and heptathlon along with throws are part of this group as well.  This group is led by Coach John Gamble.

5. Jumps – This group works with both horizontal and vertical jumpers from beginners to those competing at the national and international level. Focus is on mechanical/technical proficiency and event-specific fitness.  Training occurs two to three times a week under the supervision of Coach Chris Timm.