Laurel Creek Track and Field Club


Welcome to the Laurel Creek Track and Field Club.  The club has been a prominent force in the Waterloo Region for over 25 years.  Currently, the club has 11 coaches and over 100 athletes.  We cater to athletes in the Bantam category through to the Senior category.  The club has experienced tremendous success at the international level.  LC athletes have represented Canada at the World Juniors, World Youth, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and Paralympics.  The success of the athletes is a testament to their commitment and to the LC coaches who have developed them.


On the provincial scene, LC continues to be a top seven ranked club.  In 2012, LC was the 5th ranked club for the outdoor season and 4th ranked for the indoor season.  At the AO Championship meet for Midgets and Youth, LC had 38 athletes compete and 15 medals were won.  Provincial rankings are determined by points achieved by athletes finishing in first through eighth.


In 2012, LC had 17 athletes compete at the National Junior meet in Winnipeg where 6 medals were won. At the National Youth meet in Charlottetown, 28 LC athletes competed and 11 medals were won..


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